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Welcome to waveswap where blockchain meet simplicity, seamlessly exchange assets across different chains with cofidence and ease

Chain Supported

10x chain supported

Secure and Safe

100% secure and safe

Fast Transaction

100x fast transaction

Active Transaction

24/7 active transaction

Cross- Chain compatibility

Unlock the potential of diverse blockchain networks waveswap enables you to effortlessly conduct transactions across different chains expanding your possibility


What we offer

Autonomous trading platform

Eliminate the need for traditional intermediaries and trade any crypto asset with ease


Liquidity provider

Earn passive income by putting your funds to work by providing to a launchpad liquidity.

Decentralized lending Protocol

Without the need of intermediaries such as banks or financial institutions, lend and borrow crypto assets.


Get on our token list

Join us in our mission to revolutionize decentralized finance while building trust and credibility.Projects that wish to have their token show in the default swap list will need to submit their information via our partner portal. Otherwise users can search for any supported token via the contract address.